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What Next After You’ve Found an Influencer?

by Dennis

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t know the answer to that question. If your company is looking for new customers or leads, the first step is finding someone who can speak on behalf of your brand and help you get the word out about it. But once you’ve found an influencer, what’s next?

Here are some tips from influencer analytics tools on how to turn influencers into advocates for your brand:

Show Interest

When someone reaches out to you on social media, show interest in what they have to say and ask questions about their business. Remember showing interest is not just about reaching out to someone who might be interested in working with you. It also means being genuinely interested in them as well. You want them to know that they can trust you and that they will benefit from working with you. This works both ways: if they know that it’s worth their time, then they’ll be more likely to work with you and vice versa.

Present Inspiring Proposals

If you have an idea for a project to work on together, share it with the influencer! This could be anything from asking for an interview or guest post opportunity to pitching a regular feature or series of articles around a common theme. Be sure to present your idea in a way that shows how it will benefit both parties (i.e., what’s in it for me?). Even if your proposal isn’t exactly what they had in mind, they may be able to give suggestions on how to tweak it so that it fits their needs better!

Be Open About Your Goals

Influencers want to know what type of content they can expect from working with you before agreeing to collaborate with you. They also want to know what they’re getting out of the partnership so that they can plan accordingly (and be sure that both parties are happy).

Show Value for their Professionalism

Influencers have built trust and credibility in their communities over time by being honest, transparent and consistent. Make sure that any communication between you recognizes these qualities and demonstrates that you value them. Be aware of the way you speak about others’ work or their brands, as this can affect their opinion of your own brand. Make sure that you treat them as such by showing your appreciation for their hard work and credibility in the industry. This could include sending thank-you notes after each interaction or making sure that all information is shared in a timely manner so there’s no lag time between projects moving forward.


Time is precious for everyone and if an influencer doesn’t feel like they can provide value to your product/service then they may not want to spend more time than necessary on your campaign. If they’ve already given you a “no” answer once, don’t expect them to change their mind without another compelling reason (and sometimes even then). Once the relationship has begun, don’t let it stagnate! Keep in touch regularly via email or social media so that they continue to see value in your relationship. If something is relevant — such as an event or new product release — share it with them first so that they know how valuable their opinion is to you and your brand. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or provide feedback; this shows that you’re invested in the partnership and want it to succeed.


After you’ve found an influencer, show your work off! When working with an agency that has a portfolio and gallery of their own, this will likely be just as simple as checking out their work. If you’re finding an influencer with a personal blog or website, simply ask them if they mind sharing a link to your piece. It’s important to keep in mind that while adding any particular influencer to your marketing campaign certainly doesn’t hurt, you should still prioritize finding influencers who are a good fit for your brand.

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