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Tips for Wearing Men’s Hoodies

by Dennis

It is a fact that most menswear and womenswear pieces were born from practicality and not on the fashion week ramps from Paris, Milan, London, and New York. That’s what makes hoodies so special. They are all about comfort, but they also have a stylish side to them, if you know how to wear them.

As the hoodie makes a comeback, it means athleisure is touching its peak. Over the decades, the hoodie has taken sportswear to new heights in its different forms. So, when it comes to men’s hoodies, how should you wear them? This guide provides you with some helpful tips to make the most of the looks.

Wearing Hoodies as Part of a Layered Look

When it comes to wearing hoodies, it is important to realize that you don’t always have to make a statement. When worn as part of a layered look, it can be stunningly unassuming. A cozy hoodie is an excellent layering piece, giving you a sharp look while keeping you warm.

  • Put on a zip-up hoodie over a plain white crew-neck T-shirt
  • Add a jacket or overcoat
  • Add slim jeans
  • Complete the looks with a pair of box-fresh trainers

Create an Athleisure Look

Athleisure speaks about both coolness and comfort. The right hoodies will eliminate any risk of you looking like someone too lazy to change out of your workout gear.

Create an ideal athleisure look by wearing a black hoodie with black joggers and putting on a pair of minimal leather sneakers. Oversized and baggy hoodies are things of the past.

Hoodie Under the Leather Jacket

When a hoodie combines with a leather jacket, it is a pairing that works perfectly all year round. It will also demonstrate that you know how hoodies are meant to be worn.

  • Hoodies have come a long way in terms of fit and quality
  • Men now want to have well-made and well-fitting casual designs versatile for different situations

Create the perfect look by wearing a black leather jacket and indigo/black jeans with a hoodie in almost any color. This look can be completed with a pair of leather boots.

How to Wear a Knitted Hoodie?

When it comes to knitted hoodie mens, it is recommended to follow these tips to wear them:

  • Knitted hoodies stand out for their ability to create a strong look. You can wear it with a statement coat and balance all the elements with a t-shirt, single-tone trousers, and trainers.
  • You can wear a zip-up hoodie to make great tailoring seem more relaxed for everyday wear. Fine-gauge knitted hoodie can bring warmth without weight and can be worn with a well-cut overcoat.
  • When wearing your knitted hoodie at home, choose something knitted in merino-rich yarns and wear them with stretch chinos.

Pullover designs usually look better compared to zip-up designs. However, the choice eventually comes down to your personal preferences. It is still recommended to look for designs that versatile and timeless, and colors that complement your wardrobe. Remember, a fitted hoodie gives you a sharper look, not a sloppy one.

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